Safety harness FBH-40 confined spaces

Safety harness, specially developed for safely entering confined spaces and saving through manholes.


HONOR Safety harness FBH-40 confined spaces harness. In addition to a fall protection attachment point on the back, there are also 2 attachment points on top of the shoulders for rescuing from confined spaces through vertical manholes. The user continues to hang up in a straight position, which considerably reduces the risk of injury from the manhole flange / tubelure.

Features Safety harness FBH-40 confined spaces

  • Safety harness specifically for safely entering confined spaces;
  • Stainless steel attachment point on the back for fall protection and 2 spreader attachment points for “equator set”;
  • Extended back fastening, using Velcro on left or right shoulder;
  • D-ring between shoulder blades;
  • Ergonomic and fast hull length adjustment;
  • Color-coded, supple leg and shoulder straps;
  • ‘Three-Bar-Slides’ for the prevention of belt adjustments
  • Stainless steel D-rings and buckles;
  • Can be combined with any brand & type of connecting device;
  • Sizes: M-XXL.


Approval (CE-0320)

Standard: EN 361, EN 1497



  • Harness back and shoulder padding
  • HONOR Equator set
  • RescueStep®, preventing harness suspension trauma
  • Jack with visible striping, by means of fasten the Velcro


Order data

Art. no.: R017.000.040 FBH-40, Safety Harness Enclosed Spaces

Art. no.: R024.001.102 Spreader set t

Art. no.: R016.000.040 Harness back and shoulder padding

Art. no.: R850.200.103 Redvest

Art. no.: R016.003.001 HONOR Rescue Step (preventing harness suspension trauma)

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    Safety: a vital investment!