Safety harness FBH-60 (universal and firefighters)

Harness with many functionalities and Quick-Lock fasteners for quick and easy tightening. The harness is available as a universal and fire brigade version (type JH-BRW).


HONOR Safety harness FBH-60 (universal and firefighters) fall protection connections on the back and front (inclined surfaces, ladder climbing and work positioning). The harness is fully equipped with quick-lock closures.

Features Safety harness FBH-60 (universal and firefighters)

  • Directs the fall arrest forces to the right place on the body;
  • Safety harness for very diverse use thanks to many functionalities;
  • Quick-lock closures;
  • Extended back fastening, using Velcro on left or right shoulder;
  • D-ring between shoulder blades;
  • Fall protection connection on the belly, perfectly centered by side settings;
  • 2 D-Ring fasteners for work positioning;
  • Ergonomic and fast hull length adjustment;
  • Color-coded, supple leg and shoulder straps;
  • ‘Three-Bar-Slides’ for the prevention of belt adjustments;
  • Stainless steel D-rings and buckles;
  • Can be combined with any brand & type of connecting device;
  • Sizes: M-XL;


  • Harness back and shoulder padding;
  • Redvest (working above water);
  • RescueStep® (preventing harness suspension trauma);
  • Jack with visible striping, by means of fasten the Velcro.


Order data:

Art. no.: R017.000.059 FBH-60 + extended attachment point, M

Art. no.: R017.000.060 FBH-60 + extended attachment point, L

Art. no.: R017.000.061 FBH-60 + extended attachment point, XL

Art. no.: R016.000.040 Harness back and shoulder padding

Art. no.: R850.200.103 Redvest

Art. no.: R016.003.001 HONOR Rescue Step (preventing harness suspension trauma)

Art. no.: R016.001.003 Jacket, fire-extinguishing with visibility strip for FBH-10 & FBH-60

Safety harness FBH-60 (universal and firefighters)
Safety harness FBH-60 (universal and firefighters)
Safety harness FBH-60 (universal and firefighters)

Safety harness FBH-60 Fire brigade (JH-BRW)

Identical to the FBH-60 harness but then (removably) integrated in a flame-extinguishing jacket with visibility strip. Thanks to the integration in the jacket, the harness is very easy and very easy to put on.


Approval (CE-0320)

Standard harnas: EN 358, EN 361, EN 1497

Standard flame-retardant jacket: prEN 14118, prEN 1149, EN 471


Additional features regarding Safety harness FBH-60 (universal and fire department)

  • Jack can be exchanged separately from harness
  • Flame retardant jacket in accordance with the applicable
  • European standards
  • Portofoon baby carriers on the chest


Order data R016.001.000 Jack JH-BRW, size M R016.001.001 Jack JH-BRW, size L Jack JH-BRW, size XL

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