Safety Harnesses FBH-10

All-round safety harness, extended D-ring fastening & D-ring on the back.


HONOR Safety Harnesses type FBH-10

Standard safety harness for general use. Leads the fall forces to the only right place on the body. The harness has, in addition to the D-ring between the shoulder blades, an extended back fastening for easy attachment of the lifeline or fall arrest device. The harness has comfortable straps, is equipped with stainless steel fittings to prevent rejection of corrosion and thus to increase the lifespan. The harness can be extended with various options for even more comfort or extra functionality. Maximum lifespan of the harness is 10 years.

Features standard Safety harness FBH-10

  • Directs the fall arrest forces to the right place on body;
  • Safety harness for general use;
  • Extended back fastening, using Velcro on left or right shoulder;
  • D-ring between shoulder blades;
  • Carabiner fastening left & right on chest (for loose end, not use lifeline);
  • Ergonomic and fast hull length adjustment;
  • Color-coded, supple leg and shoulder straps;
  • ‘Three-Bar-Slides’ for the prevention of belt adjustments;
  • Stainless steel D-rings and buckles
  • Can be combined with any brand & type of connecting device;
  • Sizes: M-XXL


Approval (CE-0320)

Norm: EN 361, EN 1497



  • Harness back and shoulder padding
  • Redvest (working above water)
  • RescueStep®, preventing harness suspension trauma
  • Jack with visible striping, by means of fasten the Velcro



Order data:

Art no.: R017.000.010 FBH-10, Std. Safety harness, M-XL

Art no.: R017.000.011 FBH-10, Std. Safety harness, XXL

Art no.: R016.000.040 Harness back and shoulder padding

Art no.: R850.200.103 Redvest

Art no.: R016.003.001 HONOR Rescue Step (Hangtrauma)

Art no.: R016.001.003 Jacket with striping for FBH-10 & FBH-60

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