Auto Belay Devices

Is there anything more fun to do if you love climbing than enjoying your sport or hobby in a safe way? There isn’t is there! Having fun in the first place, the exciting new route, going even faster or higher than your last climb. Great, and the adrenaline-kick you get from it! Enjoying your climbing adventure but please automatically secured against the hazards of sporting at heights; gravity. Just because we cannot feel, hear, smell or see it and always is there. The HONOR Auto Belay Devices, with kernmantel climbing rope, descent and fall arrest devices protect you from this hazard while exercising your hobby or sport.


What are Auto Belay Devices?

Auto belays are automatic belay devices that takes up the slack as a climber ascends the climbing wall. When the climber reaches the top, or in case of fall on the way up, the auto belay catches the climber, arrests its fall smoothly and slowly lowers them automatically to the ground. Auto belays allow people to climb when a partner is not available, to climb on their own schedule or make it possible to handle larger groups of climbers. New climbers can learn climbing before they also have learn the technical skills of belaying. The HONOR “climbing wall devices”, meeting the standards of descending and retractable fall arrest devices, so offer this unique height safety during climbing.

HONOR type CWD auto belays – Two versions

The HONOR climbing wall devices are available in two versions. The CWD10 has 10 m – 32.8 ft long and the CWD20 20 m – 65.6 ft, both equipped with a 9,5 mm core-sheath line. Before climbing, the climber on the floor connects to the kernmantel rope. During climbing, the rope retracts automatically. The maintenance interval can be read from the counter on the device.

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Why HONOR Auto Belay?

The HONOR auto belay types CWD10 and CWD20 (“Climbing Wall Descenders”) are specifically developed for sports climbing, climbing walls, height courses, adventure parks and sports climb training. Also often used by schools, birthday parties, teambuilding sessions or other climbing fun for groups! These devices are equipped with an integrated, automatic descent brake, arrests the fall and allow climbers to descend at a speed of about 1 m/s after reaching the top or an incidental fall.

There are many good reasons to choose HONOR Auto Belays!

The only auto belays with kernmantel climbing ropes, that’s what climbers want! Are the real PPE because the only Auto Belays meeting EN 360:2002 (Personal protective equipment against falls from a height -. Retractable type fall arresters)! Both STAR-seriesĀ® CWD10 and CWD20 auto belays acknowledged as “Good Industrial Design” during the prestegious Dutch Design Week with the unique modular design and proven high technical quality! The modular Centrifugal Brake mechanism assures very low fall arrest forces on the body and descends the climber automatically, smoothly and safe to the ground!

HONOR CWD devices have the largest climbers weight range and tallest height range of any other auto belay system in the World. Climbers from 10 to 150 kgs – 22 to 331 lbs and mounting heights up to 20 metres – 65.6 ft can climb safely with CWD10 en CWD20 Auto Belay devices!

HONOR CWD types are the most lightweight Auto Belay devices. Their design makes them easy to install and allows it to be easily relocated. They easily can be mounted on top of the wall but it’s easier on ergonomic inspection heights just above the floor by the special Device Mounting Bracket for periodically inspections!

Safety: a vital investment!