Auto Belay Devices (safe climbing)

What could be better than practicing your climbing sport safely, nothing! First and foremost is fun, that exciting new route, even higher or faster than your last climb. Amazing, and the adrenaline rush you feel! But automatically secured against the risks of one of the most underestimated phenomena on our planet; gravity. After all, you cannot feel, hear, smell or see it, but it is always there. HONOR AdventureTech’s Auto Belays – the only ones with kernmantel lines – protect you from this danger while practicing your hobby or sport and make climbing safe and accessible for everyone.


HONOR AdventureTech

HONOR AdventureTech originated as a logical spin-off from HONOR Safety & Consultancy. HONOR AdventureTech focuses on the leisure markets of designers, builders and owners of climbing centers, adventure parks, ropes courses, zip lines, et cetera.


HONOR AdventureTech is now a separate private company and split off from HONOR Safety & Consultancy. That is why we would like to refer you to the (English) website of our sister company HONOR AventureTech B.V. as a developer, manufacturer and your supplier of premium Auto Belay (climbing wall decenders) for sport and recreational climbers under the brand name STAR-belay. HONOR AdventureTech also makes ZIP-brake devices that comfortably slow people down at the end of ziplines. The many accessories complete their range.

What is an Auto Belay Device?

An Auto Belay Device is an automatic belay device that prevents the slack in the climbing line while the climber climbs up. If the climber reaches the top, or falls, the Auto Belay immediately arrests the fall and lowers the climber to the ground safely and automatically. Thanks to Auto Belays, anyone can climb whenever they want, even without a belay partner. With an Auto Belays, novice climbers can focus on learning climbing techniques and enjoying their sport before they have to master the belay techniques themselves.

Types of Auto Belays

HONOR AdventureTech Types Auto Belays;

  • CWD9 to 9 meters (29.5 ft) descent height
  • CWD16 for climbing walls up to 16 meters (52.5 ft) high
  • CWD20 SPEED with a maximum descent height of 20 meters (65.6 ft)

Features Auto Belay

  •  Only Auto Belay in the world with kernmantle rope (lifeline);
  • Auto Belay equipped with Non-resettable length or distance of use Counter;
  • Fall protection and automatic descender in one;
  • Automatically retracting lifeline;
  • STAR-series patented and modular device design.

Operation Auto Belay

Before the climber starts to climb, he attaches himself to the line of the device. While climbing, the rope (lifeline) automatically rolls into the device. After reaching the top and whenever she or he wants to descend or in the event of a fall, the climber descends automatically, at approximately 1 m/s, safely and comfortably. The intensity of use – ie the total number of descent meters – is determined by the counter on the device. The counter gives you important information for periodic inspections and about the popularity of your climbing routes.

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HONOR AdventureTech ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard with quality management requirements and therefore a benchmark for transparency and reliability in the market. With ISO 9001 quality management, HONOR AdventureTech ensures continuous quality improvement so that we can better meet the needs of our customers.


EC-Type-approval and PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Module C2 or D:

The type approval is carried out after consultation with the manufacturer. As a guideline for this inspection, the technical file is followed and on the harmonized standards or other technical specifications applied. During this inspection, prototypes are also subjected to the tests provided for in the relevant harmonized standard or technical specification. These tests are performed by the NoBo (Notified Body) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025. When all requirements are met, the NoBo prepares a type approval certificate.
The NoBo contacts the certificate holder (manufacturer) every year to carry out a follow-up check to monitor the conformity of the PPE. The provisions of Module C2/Module D are followed as a guideline for this follow-up check. The manufacturer has the choice between the systems under Module C2 or Module D, but must make his choice known during the type examination.
The product certifier carries out a follow-up check in accordance with Module C2 by taking samples representative of the production from the manufacturer* and having the necessary tests carried out. After completion of both types of inspection, the product certifier draws up an expert report, in which the findings of the inspection are described. This report establishes whether the PPE still complies with the requirements of the legislation and corresponds to the model submitted for type examination.


EU guarantee system for the quality of the final product (Module C2)

The product certifier carries out a follow-up check by taking samples representative of the production from the manufacturer and having the necessary tests carried out. Afterwards, the product certifier draws up an expert report, in which the findings of the inspection are described. This report establishes whether the product (or product group) still complies with the requirements of the legislation and corresponds to the model submitted for type approval.



EU-Type Certificate PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
CWD9, CWD16 and CWD20 SPEED auto belay according to EN 341:2011 and EN 360: 2002

All climbing wall equipment developed and manufactured by HONOR AdventureTech are certified.


Auto Belay CWD9 en CWD16

Auto Belays types CWD9 and CWD16 (Climbing Wall Descender) have been specifically developed as a safe top belay during climbing on (Clip ‘n Climb – Fun Climb) climbing walls, height courses, adventure parcs and as training equipment for sport climbers. Everywhere where climbers must be able to rely on real fall protection. Apart from sports and recreational climbers, Auto Belays are often used for school outings, birthday parties, team building sessions or other climbing entertainment for groups. The climbing wall devices are equipped with an automatic descent brake and allow the climber to descend in a controlled manner and at a speed of approximately 1 m/s, for example after reaching the top of the climbing wall or in the event of a fall after a misstep.


Auto Belay CWD20 SPEED

Climbing is Olympic from 2020! As part of the all-around event, the best sport climbers at the Olympic Games will also compete in the Speed Climbing section. The CWD20 SPEED is currently the fastest speed belay in the world with a roll-in speed of 5 m/s, more than fast enough for the world record holder!

There are many good reasons to choose HONOR Auto Belays!

  • The only climbing wall equipment with real kernmantle lines, so recognizable to climbers;
  • Are genuine Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that meet the requirements of EN 360:2002 (Personal protective equipment against falls – Fall arresters with automatic line tensioner);
  • Both STAR-series® CWD-type car belays have been recognized as “Good Industrial Design” during the Dutch Design Week, have the unique modular construction and proven, high quality;
  • The modular centrifugal brake ensures particularly low fall forces on the body and allows the climber to descend comfortably and safely;
  • The CWD devices have the largest climber weight range and highest climbing range in terms of climbing. every other Auto Belay in the world. Climbers from 10 to 150 kilos can safely get started with the CWD-type auto belays up to 20 meters in height;
  • These lightest devices can be attached to the top of the climbing wall or in an altitude course. Ideal for the required periodic inspection of the car belays, they can also be installed at an ergonomic inspection height (just above the floor) by means of mounting brackets. special mounting brackets;
Safety: a vital investment!