Case fall protection

We like to be challenged at HONOR! We love it when our customers call us with a request how to resolve an often very complex work safety risk situation. In fact, this is our passion! It has led to many new products developments. Read the following case fall protection to get an idea what HONOR can do for you.


Case fall protection, “crane operators must be able to travel safely with the load”

A customer, a manufacturer of concrete poles, reported us the following problem. From a practical point of view, the crane operators of the company take place on the cargo while moving the products over the baggage field. Thus, they always have a good view of the whole situation and do not have to climb the concrete poles and walk long distances.



However, the I-SZW (Dutch Labor Inspectorate) considered this a dangerous situation that had to be avoided. Because various suggested alternative methods included other disadvantages with regard to ergonomics, fall hazard, etc., HONOR was called.


The solution

Our engineers have approached the problem practically and sought the solution in an existing system; the HONORope-DoubleSafe. This dual-cable system was then applied on the cranes above the bag field. The HONORope Double-Safe system enables the crane operator to move in three dimensions with the load, from front to rear over the bag field. From top to bottom (with load), and left and right.



The solution has been tested by a notified body, which sets out various conditions, for example, special instructions and exercises, but also:

  • Safe use fall protection devices,
  • Authorized maintenance fall protection,
  • Periodic internal and external inspection fall protection and rescue.
  • Principles: all (specified) crane facilities should be in order and a separately RI & E tested by an expert


After issuing a Declaration of EC Type Examination by the Institute, this combination is approved by the Inspectorate SZW & included in the Workbook Catalog.

In the meantime, all cranes this customer has, are equipped with HONORope Double-Safe systems and
more and more companies in this (or other) segment with the same problem have implemented this solution! The systems are used intensively every day. If you also have a work safety issue where it is difficult to work safely at a height, please contact us. Our consultants are happy to help you with your work safety problem!

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