FAB33 fall arrest block, max. 33 meter (108 ft)

STAR series type FAB33: fall arrest block for heights up to 33 meters.

The FAB33 fall arrest block offers up to 33 meters (108 ft) of freedom of movement in a vertical orientation and minimizes the fall distance (= stopping distance) and fall arrest forces.

Features FAB33 fall arrest block

  • Star-series patented and modular appliance design;
  • Up to 33 meters (108 ft) of cable length;
  • Automatic retracting lifeline (SRL);
  • Reduces braking distance (vertical displacement, obstacles!) and fall force to an absolute minimum;
  • Maximum mass (user weight + tools, etc.) = 140 kg (309 lbs);
  • Modular with all HONOR anchor points such as: HONORope® systems, tripod, TwinSleeve® davit, FlangeClamp® and TankClamp®;

STAR-series devices, patented and recognized design

HONOR Safety & Consultancy offers a complete range of 17 different devices for fall protection, rescue, descent, evacuation, winches, climbing wall equipment and fall protection under the brand name STAR-series. These devices developed in-house set a new standard in the field of personal safety.


Self Retracting Lifeline

SRL is the abbreviation for ‘Self Retracting Lifeline’, the English name for fall arrest device; a fall protection device whose lifeline automatically unrolls and rolls in with the movements of the user. It offers optimal freedom of movement with the certainty that, if a fall occurs, the device intervenes immediately, arrests the fall and stops the user within a very short distance.


FAB33 fall arrest block, max. 33 meter

Technical specifications


FAB33-G & -S

FAB33 devices are available with galvanized and stainless steel wire ropes.

  • Modular quick-response fall arrest brake;
  • Minimum fall arrest distance (braking distance)
  • Very low occurring fall forces;
  • Applied materials;
    Housing & modules: Lightweight, robust Marine-Grade alloy – powder coated;
    Internal components: tainless steel & Marine-Grade alloys;
  • Cable: 5mm galvanized or stainless steel;
  • Snap-Hook with non-resettable ‘Service indicator’;
  • Swivable connection eye;
  • Cable length: max. 33 m (108 ft);
  • Capacity: max. 150 kg (331 lbs);
  • Temperature range:
    – min. -40°C, max. 55°C
    – min. -40°F, max. 130°F
  • Weight 18.7 kg (41.2 lbs);
  • Very low examination & inspection costs
  • Ergonomic designed handle (optional);
  • STAR-series® industrial design



European patent no: 002503698-001
USA Patent: 23-0825-0576900


Approval according to (CE-0158):

European standards: EN 360:2002
US-Standard: ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2012-A pending


Order data:

Art.no: R011.033.000 (FAB33-G Galvanized Wire)
Art.no: R011.033.001 (FAB33-S Stainless Steel Wire)

Product quotation


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