Advice & Consultancy

Specialist Advice & consultancy in the field of complex safety issues.

Safety & Consultancy

Do you need advice and consultancy in the field of safe working? Are you looking for support in achieving your safety goals? Or do you doubt whether past choices still meet the current safety standard and do you want them to be tested by an independent party?


HONOR is your reliable partner for advice and consultancy of specialist safety issues.



Collaboration in the field of consultancy and consultancy

We see such a process as a close partnership between client and consultant. You are an expert in the field of your job. We are experts in specialist safety. Together we can improve the safety of you and your people. You may not have all the specialist knowledge in-house then it is good to know that there is a party that does. We will support you when it comes to the safety of your people!

Safety: a vital investment!