Safety Lanyards

Safety lanyards are connecting points between the anchor point and a body attachment such as a safety harness. According to the European Standard, they have a maximum allowable length of 2.0 meters (6.6 feet), which limits the user’s freedom of movement. In addition to the HONOR developed lines, we also offer the ones of Edelrid.


Safety lanyards simplest and fall protection

Lanyards offer the user limited freedom of movement. They are the simplest available “fall protection”, the slim life line can be annoying during work. Although HONOR also has lines with an elastic casing in the program, the following risks are always there:
1. The user falls at least the length of the applied lanyard;

2. This fall distance (= line length + tear length of the throttle) increases the change of hitting an obstacle on the way down.

Lanyards are the simplest and indeed the cheapest fall protection device. but keep in mind they are not suitable for all types of work.

Safety: a vital investment!