Safety Lanyards

Lanyards are means of connection between the anchor point (attachment point) and the body attachment (e.g. safety harness). With the maximum permitted length of 2.0 meters in Europe, the user’s freedom of movement is limited. That is why HONOR Safety & Consultancy calls fall protection systems that consist of an anchor point, lanyard with safety harness and stationary fall protection. We supply lanyards from the German manufacturer Edelrid.


Lanyards Limitations

Lanyards provide the user with limited freedom of movement. They are the simplest connection means available. A slack lanyard can hinder and create a tripping hazard. That is why HONOR Safety & Consultancy also supplies lanyards with an elastic sheath that reduces these drawbacks.


However with lanyards:

1. the user is sure to fall the length of the lanyard applied;
2. the risk of hitting obstacles due to the relatively large fall distance (= line length + tear-out length of the fall absorber) is considerable.


Please realize this before purchasing and using these resources. They are not necessarily suitable for all types of work.

Safety: a vital investment!