The right carabiner as a connector on safety or rescue equipment is essential! HONOR therefore provides a broad range of high-end carabiners to attach for your personal protective equipment (PPE) as fall arrest systems, rope access systems, rescue systems, descenders, evacuation systems and stretchers to their anchor points.


Help and advice?

For each application, the appropriate fastener as D-form, KST (Climbing), pear-shaped, Steiger hooks, snap hooks, and so on with the correct size aperture. Please contact us to find the right connector for your work.

Locking mechanism carabiner

Screw Lock

The original, first double-action mechanism port. No automatic locking and it has several drawbacks. This was a reason for HONOR Safety & Consultancy for not advising more from 1995.

Locking mechanism carabiner


The Kwicklock is an automatic locking system and has the fastest gate locking mechanism to work. It is a convenient solution to reduce the chance that the gate is left open accidentally.

Locking mechanism carabiner

Lock Safe

The triple action of the Lock Safe reduces the opportunity to open the door accidentally. This is an important step forward in the improvement process of the safety of the automatic locking connectors.

Carabiner Durolock Dual Rotor Lock HONOR

Locking mechanism carabiner


The Dual Rotor Lock was designed to reduce the risk of unintentional opening of optimizing the gate and security. The complex, yet easy to manipulate port needs four different actions to open. Once released, the port returns to the lock position. It is a perfect solution for complex security applications.

Carabiner Durolock Dual Rotor Lock
Art. nr. Model Type Material Vergrendel mechanisme Sterkte (hoofdas) Gewicht
R024.001.008 A823 D-shaped Aluminum Kwiklock 32 kN 79 g
R024.001.010 A827 D-shaped Aluminum Locksafe 32 kN 79 g
R024.001.012 A843 KST Aluminum Kwiklock 30 kN 87 g
R024.001.014 A844 KST Aluminum Durolock 30 kN 102 g
R024.001.015 A734 Pear-shaped hook Aluminum Kwiklock 22 kN 350 g
R024.001.009 C813 D-shaped Steel Kwiklock 45 kN 245 g
R024.001.013 C843 KST Steel Kwiklock 45 kN 278 g
R024.001.005 C734 Pear-shaped hook Steel Kwiklock 35 kN 740 g
R024.001.030 Karabijnhaak Fixed eye, , rotatable Steel Snap 22 kN 387 g
R024.001.031 Karabijnhaak met Service Indicator Fixed eye, , rotatable Steel Snap 22 kN 418 g
R024.001.020 S843 KST Stainless steel Kwiklock 40 kN 255 g
Safety: a vital investment!