Mobile, lightweight anchor point. Large setup height with 4 approved fastening eyes.

The HONOR Tripod looks like other tripods but it is not. This lightweight aluminum anchor point has many distinctive function advantages and is engineered in such a way that the practical life span, safe and proper operation are considerably longer.

The head contains three certified, swivel fastening eyes and an ‘over-head’ attachment point. The three pivoting eyes can be used to attach equipment with different safety functions and ‘tui-lines’ (braces) to prevent the tripod from tilting during ‘over-the-edge’ rescue operations. Head is also wide, so that there is sufficient space for appliances between legs. Large leg guide with narrow size tolerances in the head, so that legs do not damage during positioning / shifting tripod on rough (er) standing surface, which leads to rejection.
High tripod, so that when entering confined spaces and rescue, there is sufficient space to lift the victim completely above a manhole or edge. Telescopic adjustable legs if lower available set-up height or above-ground manholes (one leg on tank).

In addition to 3 fastening eyelets under the head also possibility of appliance fastening (fall protection, rescue, evacuation etc.) by means of modular mounting brackets on the legs. HONOR only manufactures mounting brackets i.c.m. our anchor points and STAR series devices are certified by NoBo.

Features Driepoot

  • Height setting: 1.7 – 2.7 m (free height)
  • Load capacity, vertical:
    • Number of users: max. 2 persons (up to 300 kg)
    • Loads: max. 500 kg mass
  • ‘Over-the-edge’ opstelling t.b.v. reddingsacties:
    • ‘Over-the-edge’ massa aan tokkellijn: 240 kg
  • Bevestigingspunten:
    • 3 rotating eyes (bottom of head)
    • ‘Over-head’ (top of head)
    • Legs (using certified, modular HONOR mounting brackets)
  • Tripod feet: tiltable with ground anchor hole, with rubber soles
  • Visual indicator (red) if legs are extended too far during adjustment (do not secure then)
  • Material structure:
    • Head: alu alloy, orange powder coated
    • Rotating eyes: Stainless steel
    • Legs: two-piece (stepped adjustable length), alu, anodised
    • Feet: Stainless steel
  • Weight: 19.9 kg;
  • Complete with chain (slipping legs).


Approval (CE-0158):

Standard: EN 795:2012 class B


  • STAR-series® devices: HONOR Tripod is Notified Body approved i.c.m. all relevant devices from the STAR series series + modular mounting brackets;
  • Tokel line, 16 mm core sheath;
  • Line tensioner, 16 mm kernmantle line, stainless steel;
  • Trolley, for the guidance of a (rescue) stretcher on the ‘over-the-edge’ system (1 per stretcher);
  • Carabiners, to attach devices, trollies and tripod to object;
    (air) Winches;

Order data

Art. no.: R010.210.099 Tripod HONOR, 2,7m/9ft

Technical specifications


Tripod anchor system

  • Height setting: 170 – 261 cm (free height)
  • Maximum workload: 500 kg or 2 people
  • Material: aluminum
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Tripod (stainless steel) tiltable and rubber soles
  • Three rotating fastenings (bottom tripod head)
  • One cable guide (over the head of the tripod)
  • Modular brackets for attaching antival devices, MRW, Winches directly to the tripod



European Standards: EN 795 class B

Machinery directive: 2006/42/EC

Product quotation


Safety: a vital investment!