Movable anchor point specifically for tank edges.


The HONOR TankClamp is a movable anchor device, specifically for use on tank edges, horizontal and vertical manholes. The system can be used as an anchor point for the HONOR STAR-Series fall arresters, passenger winches (MRW) and the various rescue and evacuation devices.

Features TankClamp

  • In accordance with EN 795, class B;
  • Movable anchor point;
  • Specifically for placement on tank edges;
  • Can be used for horizontal and vertical manholes;
  • To be used for attaching various fall protection or rescue systems such as fall arresters and MRW;
  • Can be used in combination with the RescueSlide to facilitate entry and rescue from confined space;
  • Modular system allowing the intermediate bracket to be attached to the HONOR Flange, Davit and Tripod.

Technische specificaties



  • Clamp width (beak):
    • standard Tank Clamp: max. 200 mm
    • special: max. 500 mm
  • Suitable for all HONOR STAR-series® appliances, (air) winches and the like;
  • Weight: 10.7 kg;
  • Steel galvanized, orange powder coated;


Approval (CE-0158

Standard: EN 795:2012 class B



  • Intermediate bracket (appliance attachment);
  • STAR-series® devices: HONOR FlangeClamp is Notified Body approved i.c.m. all relevant devices from the STAR series series + modular mounting brackets;
  • Guard lines and the like;
  • Horizontal fall protection systems
    (air) Winches;


Order data

Art. no.: R010.210.020 TankClamp

Art. no.: R010.210.034 Intermediate bracket (blue)

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