Beam clamp

Fast to install, movable and lightweight anchor point, specifically to easily install a fastening point on I and H beams.

The HONOR beam clamp is a lightweight, movable anchor device specially designed to quickly and easily attach to both I and H profile beams.

Features Beam clamp

  • Movable lightweight mobile anchor point;
  • Specifically for placement on I and H profile beams;
  • Easy to apply without bolt construction and equipped with a guaranteed automatic locking system;
  • Manufactured from high-quality corrosion-resistant material.

This anchor point is very fast and easy to attach and ideal to use when there is no mounting eye available or when another mobile anchor point due to for example space lack is not convenient. Often a platform is needed to attach the anchor point to the beam.

Technical specifications

Beam clamp

  • Weight approx. 1.5 kg
  • Maximum tensile strength 22 kN
  • User weight: max. 1 person (141 kg)
  • Max. flange width: 300 mm
  • Min flange width: 75 mm
  • Max flange thickness: 31 mm


  • Standard: EN 795 class B

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