Temporary fall protection

In various situations, permanently installed fall protection is not possible, unnecessary, undesirable or simply too expensive. In that case, HONOR Safety & Consultancy offers various options in the form of temporary fall protection systems. These systems are quick and easy to install. We would be happy to advise you which system is the most optimal safety solution for your situation. We can also design the anchor points and (steel) structures and perform the necessary strength calculations for you.

Temporary fall protection in the horizontal plane – HONORope-T

The HONORope-T(temporary) system offers freedom of movement in the horizontal plane. This system is certified for a maximum of 5 users and has a maximum system length of 25 meters (with 5 users). The HONORope-T has system approval with the STAR Series fall arrest devices. Combinations with different connection means (fall arrest devices, lanyards, MicroBlocs, etc.) are possible. This creates the desired freedom of movement for users on the HONORope-T.

Temporary fall protection on sloping surfaces (roofs, embankments, etc.) – HONORoof-Safety

The HONORoof-Safety system (roofline system) developed by HONOR Safety & Consultancy has been specially developed as fall protection on sloping surfaces (roofs, embankments, etc.). This roofline system can be installed from ground level and is easy and quick to install in approximately 5 to 7 minutes.

Safety: a vital investment!