HONORope-T system


Temporary, quick to install horizontal fall arrest system for up to 5 users and up to 25 meters (82 ft) of span.


In various situations, a permanent fall protection system is not desirable, unnecessary or simply too costly for technical reasons. Then a temporary, quick and easy to install system like the HONORope-T system is ideal.

Features HONORope-T system

  • Temporary, fast (within 2 min) to install horizontal fall protection system;
  • Approval: max. 25 meter (82 feet) span (system length)
  • Approval: up to 5 users;
  • Components: Core line 25 meter (82 feet) with HoPressĀ®-Mounting eye on one side, 1 x Line tensioner (16 mm line, stainless steel);
  • Damage of the 16 mm Lifeline by means of associated line tensioner is not possible under normal use;


  • Trolley, for placing a “connecting device” on the system (1 per user);
  • Fall arresters with integrated rescue function (also devices with a 33 meter (108 ft) cable length function well on this horizontal system!);
  • MiniBloc & MicroBloc;
  • Hooking lines; Connecting means (depending on the required freedom of movement in the vertical plane):
  • STAR-series devices: HONORope-T is Notified Body approved i.c.m. all relevant devices from the STAR series series;
  • Carabiners, to attach HONORope-T to object;
  • Round slings: to attach the system to a suitable object;
  • Safety harnesses

Technical specifications


horizontal fall arrest system

  • Maximum Span: 25 meters (82 feet)
  • Maximum number Workers on system: 5
  • Maximum End Anchorage Load: 7,7 kN
  • Sheath core rope; 16 mm
  • Eyelet (1x): HoPress 16 mm.
  • Rope Vice Tensioner (1x), SS, 16 mm,


Approval according to (CE-0158)

Standard HONORope_T: EN 795: 2012 class C

Norm Trollies: EN 12278



Order data

Art. no.: R010.330.007 (HONORope-T)


Art.no: R010.330.008 (Tension Bar (RVT), SS)
Art.no: R010.210.011 (Trolley, one hole)
Art.no: R010.210.012 (Trolley, two holes)
Art.no: R024.008.001 (Carabiner A823, Kwiklock (trolley))
Art.no: R024.008.005 (Scaffold hook (2x), Kwiklock, type C734)
Art.no: R030.306.000 (Bag, ready to use kit bag)


Product quotation


    Safety: a vital investment!