Man riding winches (MRW)

HONOR offers solutions in temporary work at height for lowering and lifting people. This happens especially in confined spaces like tanks, ships’ holds, reactors, pits and from quay edges, platforms and so on. There are high demands on lowering and lifting people and special people winches or Man Riding Winches (MRW) are applied. The specific regulations and requirements in the European Directive 2001/45 / EC (work equipment intended for carrying out temporary work at height), included the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and EN 1808.


STAR-series Man Riding Winches (MRW)

Our STAR series Persons Winches (MRW) are specially designed to allow control of altitude workers or from depth and confined space and descend to hoist. Man Riding Winches are always in combination with Fall Arrest Blocks, many with integrated retrieval winch (Recovery Block) applied. In case of a disaster the victim can be saved directly in a controlled manner without a manhole gard or rescuer in the risk area.

Safety: a vital investment!