Rescue & Evacuation devices

Since the first specialization at HONOR in 1972 with the RollGliss, the further development of our evacuation units has taken off! We strive to ensure that every user can carry out the course for which he is trained properly, regardless of whether that workplace is located at a height or in a confined space!


Safety solutions for every situation


The comprehensive range of HONOR evacuation devices provide safety solutions for all cases where people need to be brought to safety. This can be done by rescuers, relief workers and self-rescue. We prefer to anticipate possible calamities and all sorts of scenarios. Even if they do not occur in the workplace but in the vicinity (fire, gas leakage, collapse) which means that you have to get to safety quickly. Think also of the inability to return to the safe place where people came from.


Prevents time loss

Our solutions prevent loss of time because a manhole guard can immediately take action without having to put himself or herself as a savior in the risk area or have to wait for outside assistance (firefighting)! Also safety assessment after a fall incident with the prevention of hang trauma and always optimal with regard to the (process) installation and workplace.



The optimal system is determined by environmental factors. This can be hand-operated or work automatically as soon as the incident occurs or the user activates the system. HONOR single-person life-saving equipment as multi-person evacuation systems. For small height and up to 450 meters certified devices!

STAR-series Rescue and evacuation devices


The STAR-seriesĀ® rescue and evacuation devices from HONOR have been developed to optimally solve all possible problem situations in the necessary rescue and evacuation of people! We manufacture hand-operated and automatic devices, single-person systems and multi-person systems. Appliances for low altitudes and approved up to 450 meters height differences! Composed of high-corrosion-resistant materials, the safe and user-friendly life-saving appliances can be used problem-free and sustainably in chemical and aggressive environments!

In 2015 the STAR series received the recognition “Good Industrial Design” during the Dutch Design Week.

Safety: a vital investment!