ResQ-U Rescue kit

Makes it possible to save an employee who hangs in a harness after a fall.

The ResQ-U Rescue kit is a descending and hoisting system that has been specially designed to quickly rescue (hoist or descend) victims after a fall in a harness and then evacuate them to a safe point.

Features ResQ-U rescue kit

  • Approved in accordance with European Standard EN 1891;
  • Suitable for fast rescue after a fall with a lifeline, line clamping system, fall arrest device;
  • Victim can descend or be lifted;
  • Can be attached to any suitable anchor point;
  • Transfer ratio 4: 1 (no resource needed);
  • Standard available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 meter kernmantle line;
  • Complete with HoPress eye and line clamp.


HONOR Safety & Consultancy introduces a comprehensive line of fall protection and rescue equipment under the name STAR series. These completely newly developed aircraft set a new standard in the field of personal safety, fall protection and rescue and evacuation. The name SRL is an abbreviation of ‘self retracting lifeline’. An automatic device whose lifeline rolls in and out. The device offers freedom of movement and also certainty that in the event of a fall, the device intervenes and arrests the fall.

Technische specificaties


ResQ-U Rescue Kit

  • Suitable for rescue after a fall with a lifeline or fall arrest device
  • Victim can descend or be lifted
  • Transfer ratio 4: 1
  • Comes with line clamp
  • Available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 meter kernmantle rope



European Standards: EN 1891 Type A

Art. no.: R016.004.002 (100 meter)

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