RG-150 ESCape Set evacuation system

RG-150 Escape Set evacuation system is a manually operated descent system with a maximum length of 190 meters. In a special offshore configuration (also available as a non-offshore version!).

RG-150 Escape Set evacuation system is a hand-operated personal evacuation system (descent system) for a fast and controlled descent in case of calamities (max 190 meters line length).

Complete system

The total system consists of: a light metal device, a core jacket lifeline, a trianglesit with a triple-action quick-release coupling, a carabiner to fasten the system. Everything complete in a special ready bag that is taken along the triangle ride during the descent.

With the aid of the operating lever, the descending person, or the rescuer, can steplessly regulate the descent speed or stop if desired. The triangle seat is completely disconnected from the user after activation of the quick release.

Characteristics RG-150 ESCape Set evacuation system

  • Up to 190 meters downhill height;
  • Fail-Safe descent control (stops when releasing and too far squeezing lever);
  • Kernmantel lifeline, 11 mm;
  • Carabiner hook type C734, Quick-Lock;
  • Painterline connection (offshore version) for connection to lifeboat;
  • Triangelsit (offshore version) with Triple-action quick-release;
  • Complete in paraattas;
  • Modular with all HONOR anchor points such as: HONORope® systems, tripod, TwinSleeve® davit, FlangeKlem® and TankKlem®;.

Technical specifications


RG-150 ESCape set

  • RG-150 ESCape set
    Max usage weight: 160 Kg
    Min usage weight: 30 Kg
    Descent height: up to 190 meters
    Temperature range: -40º C – 55º C
    Weight (excluding line): 420 grams


Approval in accordance with::

Standards: EN 341: 2011 class 2A


Order data

Art. nr: R015.000.103

Product quotation


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