Case Rescue & Evacuation

HONOR develops and manufactures more than just the standard security solutions for multiple companies and industries. As a specialist in complex safety solutions, you can also contact us if you encounter a safety issue in practice that is not to be solvable with our extensive standard product portfolio. Our engineers approach your problem with a practical solution and then always find an appropriate and good practice solution.


Case – Little space for entering between the tank and ceiling

A customer came to us with the following problem. They have a number of tanks, these tanks comprise at the top a manhole. Sometimes the tanks will be entered among other things for maintenance and cleaning. In addition, it should also be possible to save the person who is in the tank in case of an emergency. In itself, this is not an exceptional situation, however, is in this case the space between the top of the tank (containing the manhole) and above the ceiling is very limited. In practice, it was therefore not possible to enter the tank in a safe manner. It was not possible to rescue someone from the tank should that be necessary.


The solution

Our engineers have practically approached the problem and the solution sought in a mobile rack that can be placed next to different tanks. This rack is equipped with a Persons Winch (MRW) and STAR Series Fall arrest block with rescue function. This configuration allows the colleagues – responsible for employees who enter the manhole – to descend them in a controlled manner and moreover, to save them in case of an emergency. The stand is also equipped with a customized version of the Rescue Slide. The Rescue Slide allows still in an ergonomic way between manhole and ceiling despite the tight space to enter the tank.



A practical tailored solution proving his service regularly to the customer wich enables workers to perform their work safely. You also run into such a situation where it is very difficult in practice to work in a safe manner, please contact us. Our engineers are happy to immerse themselves in your practice problem.

Safety: a vital investment!