Vertic triple lock harness (Edelrid)

Rope Access safety harness.


Features Vertic triple lock harness (Edelrid)

  • Very complete and comfortable Rope Access harness for:
    • Fall protection
    • Work positioning
    • Seat belt
  • Side opening (Cobra quick release) for easy on and off
  • Innovative Triple Lock closures in leg straps for extra safety (three actions for opening needed)
  • Vertical back straps run sideways over hips. Ensures maximum freedom of movement for legs when bending over the upper body
  • Vertical back straps are not sewn to hip belt so that fall forces are directly under leg straps for optimal hanging comfort
  • Hip belt via Velcro on vertical back straps. As a result, the weight of many tools and the like is optimally derived from shoulder straps
  • 3-Dimensionally ergonomically designed leg straps, elastic inserts
  • Leg straps and hip belt ergonomically designed and padded for ideal weight transfer and perfect wearing comfort
  • Covered fittings protect tape material from damage
  • Adjustable attachment on the front for stiff clip (chest ascender)
  • Integrated hip belt with D-rings for work positioning (EN 358)
  • D-ring attachment between shoulder blades (EN 361)
  • Two D-ring front attachment (EN 361)
  • ‘Triple Lock’ and ‘Cobra’ quick fasteners
  • Weight: 1600 grams
  • Sizes: XS-M, L-XL



Standard: EN 358, EN 361, EN 813



  • Loop-fixing movement restriction (rear)
  • First aid kit
  • SM hook


Order data

Art. no.: R880660292190 Size S, XS-M

Art. no.: R880660212190 Size L-XL

Vertic triple lock harness (Edelrid)
Vertic triple lock harness (Edelrid)

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