Safety Harness Flex Lite (Edelrid)

Comfortable, lightweight safety harness for general use.

Comfortable, lightweight safety harness for general use.

Particularly good fit

The lightest harness in the Flex series convinces with its low weight, easy and quick adjustment and particularly good fit.


Can be combined with any brand and type of connectors

The Flex Lite safety harness can be combined with any brand and type – certified – connection equipment such as lanyards, retractable lanyards and/or fall arrest devices, with or without an integrated rescue function.


Extra options

Various extra options for more wearing comfort and extra functionality.


Technical specifications


Safety harness Flex Lite (Edelrid)

  • Fall indicator integrated. After a fall, a red indicator (back) becomes visible as a visual signal that the harness has arrested a fall;
  • All attachment points provided with red fibers that become visible in the event of impermissible damage;
  • RFID label built into shoulder padding;
  • Easy Glider buckles on shoulders and leg straps so that torso length and leg straps can be easily and quickly adjusted;
  • Leg padding for extra comfort (removable);
  • Back padding for extra comfort and good air circulation;
  • Triple Lock closures on chest straps and leg straps;
  • Softloop A attachment point on the back (1x) and Softloops on the front (2x, green);
  • Lightweight: approx. 1,100 gr;
  • Maximum lifespan: 10 years.



Norm: EN 361, EN 1497



Back Panel FT, black (112 grams): Wear protection plate, rear hip belt. Prevents harness wear in wind turbines, shafts, confined spaces.


Order data

Art. no .: RE.880860292190 Flex Lite safety harness (Edelrid) Size S to M
Art. no .: RE.880860302190 Flex Lite safety harness (Edelrid) Size L to XXL

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