Tree Core TL (Edelrid) arborist harness

Seat belt (trousers belt) specifically designed for arborists.

Tree Core TL (Edelrid) is a lightweight, functional trouser belt specially developed for arborists.

Features Tree Core TL (Edelrid) arborist harness

  • Very light and functional harness – 1.480 grams  (3.3 lbs);
  • Treecore saddle developed specially for tree care use;
  • Expandable with chest belt (Core Top) to a full body harnass;
  • Two sliding belts for symmetrical belt setting;
  • 4 fastening eyes (textile, ‘soft-eyes’), with 2 removable D-rings, alu, with screw locking;
  • Adjustable sliding D-kit  sincreases lateral freedom of movement;
  • Efficient tool handling thanks to 4 tool loops on both sides, 2 clip fasteners and sliding  buckle loops (chainsaw fastening or similar)’;
  • Universal size S-XL,

Tree core harnas Edelrid Tree Core TL (Edelrid) arborist harness

Technical specifications


Tree Core TL (Edelrid)



Standard: EN 358, EN 813



Core Top, separate chest strap.


Order data

Art. no .: RE.880360232190 Tree Core TL (Edelrid)

Product quotation


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