Since our establishment in 1948, HONOR Safety & Consultancy has grown into a specialist manufacturer and suppliers in four product groups: fall protection, rescue and evacuation systems, gas suits, chemical and heat-resistant clothing and gas detection.

Problem solving based on customer situation


We distinguish ourselves through our solid reputation and, for example, adequate analysis of the customer’s situation in order to arrive at innovative, safe, high-quality solutions that are characterized by user-friendliness and ergonomics. We have the ambition to achieve the best possible solution in our four specialist areas! We do this by bringing together your expertise with our knowledge and expertise. We can advise you in the field of fall protection, rescue and evacuation systems, high-quality protective clothing (gas suits, chemical clothing, heat-resistant clothing, decontamination systems etc.) and portable gas detection. You can contact us for effective solutions, but also for specific (and with you) developed turn-key installed projects.

In the Netherlands we advise end users by means of our direct sales organization and we export worldwide through authorized distributors.



Manufacturer specialist safety solutions

As a company with a mechanical background and basis, HONOR develops the products in-house, pre-tests them extensively and manufactures them after NoBo certification in Almere. When you as a company focus on the safety of people, quality of products and processes is of the utmost importance. HONOR is also ISO-9001 and VCA certified.

Safety and ease of use

In the design phase, we are already steering towards realizing the optimum safety solution for your operating environment while maintaining the necessary freedom of movement that does not hinder productivity. We also anticipate possible sudden calamities during the work and lowest possible operational costs! The total costs of ownership are relevant. Naturally, our solution at least complies with European laws and regulations, but we would like to perform better. Finally, we find the ‘minimum conformity requirements’ set in Europe insufficient. You judge that yourself!

High-quality innovative safety solutions from the Netherlands – Dutch Design.

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