Kernmantel ropes

HONOR delivers Kernmantel ropes of the German brand Edelrid, these are ideal for industrial and rescue purposes. In 1953 the German Edelrid invented the Kernmantel rope and thus revolutionized the technical applications of lines.


Kernmantel rope

A Kernmantle rope consists of two main components: the core wires surrounded by the protective, braided sheath. The Kernmantle rope was due to its energy-absorbing properties used primarily in mountain sports. The development has however since then not stopped and today there are both dynamic (stretch) rope as semi-static ropes. These static ropes very strong and obligatory for industrial safety (EN 1891). Dynamic ropes are used in mountaineering.


HONOR – exclusive distribution partner Edelrid

HONOR, as an exclusive distribution partner Edelrid in the security market in the Netherlands, provides all line types. Below are the lines that are used most in rescue situations, industrial safety and rope access.

Static lines

Do you need advice which Kernmantel rope is best suited for your work? Please feel free to contact to us to advise you about all the (static) ropes from Edelrid. The directory below you can check which rope suits best for your business.

Safety: a vital investment!