Our history

Started as a metalworking company in 1948 in Bussum, HONOR came into contact with the (industrial) security market, in view of the close contacts and product developments with Fire brigade Bussum (The Netherlands) and its then commander A. van der Kruit. That development at HONOR gained momentum by obtaining the importership of the now famous RollGliss descender in 1972.

Through further product developments, the sale of stretchers and bandage drums and the importation of the first fall protection devices, HONOR developed into a specialist and specialist in the field of – specialist safety solutions. Below are some highlights from our history.

HONOR - Oude werkplaats-Landstraat Bussum 197
  • 2017 – Introducing TwinSleeve® Davit system.
  • 2015 – Recognition “Good industrial design” for patented STAR-series® appliance range (fall arrest, rescue and evacuation systems).
  • 2014 – Minister Bussemaker awards Award after Rescue TIP-BOARD® (water and ice surface rescue product) as “Good industrial design” during Dutch Design Week.
  • 2005 – Development and introduction of the TankCamp for refinery i.v.m. fatal accident on chemical storage tank.
  • 2005 – HONORope-T® temporary fall protection introduced;
  • 2003 – Internationalization continues, company name and logo are changed to HONOR Safety & Consultancy. Everyone regrets that the word “technology” disappears from the logo!
  • 2002 – Patent obtained in Europe, USA and Canada on HONORope Double-Safe®, permanent fall protection with optimal freedom of movement up to three dimensions
  • 2000 – Moving from Bussum to the current building in Almere
  • 1996 – The horizontal fall protection system HONORail-160® is being developed and installed for the first time in connection with a fatal accident at a chemical company.
  • 1995 – The step from producer to developer is made with the development of the HONORail-8800, permanent vertical fall protection.
  • 1994 – HONOR co-developer with English relation of series of Atal-antival devices and descent systems.
  • 1993 – Research by HONOR into serious and fatal fall accidents shows that existing harnesses do not properly derive the occurring fall forces on the body. HONOR starts with the development of its own safety harnesses.
  • 1992 – HONOR receives two orders from the Ministry of the Interior for delivery of disaster-fighting materials.
  • 1991 – The technical basis of HONOR needs to be better communicated. The company name is changed to HONOR Emergency & Rescue Technology.
  • 1991 – Development Rescue Basket Stretcher for rescuing sub-cooled water victims with Fire Brigade Maarssen.
  • 1990 – HONOR obtains the exclusive import of Invetek fall protection and descending equipment.
  • 1976 – HONOR develops further under the name HONOR emergency articles. Under the impetus of the RollGliss importership and the increasing safety awareness in the Netherlands, in addition to the trade in stretchers and bandage drums, among other things, an own tripod is also designed and manufactured.
  • 1972 – The first steps in the field of rescue and evacuation are taken with the acquisition of the import shelf for Roll Gliss downhill rescue equipment.
  • 1948 – HONOR is founded as a metal company in Bussum by Willem Westerweel. Back then, the trading company is more interesting and is mentioned in the logo
Safety: a vital investment!