HONORope Double-Safe

Patented double-cable fall arrest system, certified for 10 users and a maximum of 30 meters (98 feet) free span.


The HONORope Double-Safe system has been developed as a better alternative to horizontal rail systems. With this permanent fall protection system, the cables run above the users’ heads, so the system offers complete freedom of movement up to three dimensions and even turns of up to 180⁰. The HONORope Double-Safe system is applied to (usually existing) constructions. The system has been developed in such a way that large free spans (without between fastening) can be realized, up to 30 meters (98 feet). As a result, the existing construction is rarely an obstacle and the system can be fitted to almost all constructions that are strong enough for this.


Expansion to fall protection in 3 dimenstions

When the system is complemented with a STAR series fall arrest device, it can be used to secure all kinds of workplaces at height. In that case, it provides users with automatically moving fall protection down to 3 dimensions. This allows the user to fully concentrate on his job without having to worry about his own safety.


Top-level installation

The system has been developed as a genuine fall arrest system (top-level installation) but is also often used as a movement restriction, especially if great freedom of movement in the horizontal surface is required or as a positioning system.


User-friendly and reliable

Thanks to the unique (placeable & removable) trolley design, the ‘Floating Cables’ and the energy absorbing between fixings, the HONORope Double-Safe system is an extremely safe, particularly user-friendly and reliable system.


Features HONORope Double-Safe

  • Automatic working, three-dimensional fall arrest system;
  • Users: up to 10 users, also within one section;
  • Overvoltage: max. 30 meters (98 feet), between end & intermediate attachments, curves, etc.;
  • Particularly small vertical deviation in the event of a fall;
  • Reaction forces object
      • Final attachments <12 kN (strength-requirement object = 24 kN – EN 795: 2012)
      • Between fastenings = 6 kN (strength requirement object = 12 kN – EN 795: 2012)
  • Curves: yes, up to 180 degrees and on customer request (required for situation);
  • Maximum system length: infinite m-1;
  • Double cable = double safety & security;
  • ‘Floating Cables’ prevent cable wear due to vibrations and expansion / shrinkage in system (safety & maintenance costs);
  • Energy-absorbing between fixings
  •  Trolley:
    • Rolls over the system, moves smoothly with the movements of the user
    • Insensitive to dirt and ice build-up on system components
    • Placeable on and removable from system by user (double-action)
    • Developed for combination with large, heavy devices (for large freedom of movement users)
  • No damage to the system due to: wind, sliding trolleys, steel-steel contact due to sliding cables.
HONORope Double-Safe double cable fall protection system
HONORope Double-Safe double cable fall protection system
HONORope Double-Safe double cable fall protection system

Turn-key installation

On the basis of a Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI & E), the risks of the work at height are mapped and then the program of requirements for the required implementation of the HONORope Double Safe system is drawn up. In addition, the assessment of the object to which the HONORope Double-Safe is to be confirmed is examined in advance and assessed for sufficient strength. If a construction to secure the fall protection system is (still) missing, we can take care of the design, strength calculations and of course the assembly and commissioning of the fall protection. Every system is customized. Once installed, the system offers optimum safety and ease of use.

DS Trolley

The special trolley design makes it possible to attach or detach the trolley at any point or location from the HONORope Double-Safe system.

Technical specifications


HONORope Double-Safe
double cable fall protection system

  • Free span system: max. 30 meters (98 feet) – between end & intermediate attachments, curves, etc.;
  • Number of users: max. 10 people;
  • Strength requirement fixing points:
    • Final confirmations: 24 kN (in accordance with EN 795: 2012)
    • Intermediate attachments & bends: 12 kN (in accordance with EN 795: 2012)
  • Cables: 2 x 8 mm, total breaking strength> 66 kN, stainless steel-316;
  • Energy-absorbing intermediate fittings: stainless steel;
  • Curves: 15 ° – 180 °, stainless steel;
  • Intermediate attachment: energy-absorbing with ‘Floating Cables’ technique;
  • Maximum system length: infinite m-1;
  • Trolley: alu-alloy, stainless steel & bronze.

Approval in conformity (CE-0158)

Standard: EN 795: 2012 class C (system approval)



  • NL 1010740
  • GB 2344610
  • DE 199 58 734 B4
  • US 6,334,50
  • CA 2291533


Order data

HONORope Double-Safe
Art.no: R010.332.001 HONORope-Double-Safe

Art.no: R010.332.010 Lifeline; twin steel wire, 8 mm, SS
Art.no: R060.009.108 Hopress Eye – Lifeline 8 mm
Art.no: R010.332.011 Cable Clamp, SS
Art.no: R010.332.013 Pitchfork, SS
Art.no: R010.332.012 Cable Spreader
Art.no: R010.332.002 End Anchor, variable cable side,
Art.no: R010.332.003 End Anchor Tensioner, SS
Art.no: R010.332.014 Lifeline Tension Indictor, SS
Art.no: R010.332.012 Low Impact Energy Absorber, SS
Art.no: R010.331.004 Energy Absorbing Intermediate Bracket, SS
Art.no: R010.332.015 Corner Unit 90°, SS
Art.no: R010.331.010 Trolley, aluminium
Art.no: R010.331.005 End Anchor Post >30 kN
Art.no: R010.331.006 Intermediate Anchor Post >15 kN
Art.no: R010.332.020 Mounting Plate End Anchor >30 kN
Art.no: R010.332.021 Mounting Plate Intermediate Bracket >15 kN



HONORope Double-Safe – patented double-rope permanent fall arrest system


STAR-Series & HONORope Double-Safe system

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