HONORail® SafeRail

Permanently installed rail system. This horizontal and vertical fall protection offers freedom of movement in three dimensions.



The HONORail SafeRail system offers fall protection in horizontal, vertical and inclined planes.

Features HONORail SafeRail system

The permanently installed rails are anodized aluminum (6060T6) and corrosion resistant in marine environments. As a result, there will be no electrolytic corrosion between the steel structure and the rail. The rail sections are interconnected by a connecting piece.


The trolley rolls along the rails with the movements of the coupled user. Depending on the position of the rail system (floor, wall, ceiling), a specific type of trolley is available. The trolley is equipped with an extra security that ensures that the trolley cannot come loose from the rail when a fall occurs.


Technical specifications

HONORail® SafeRail

  • Free span system:
    • max. 3 meters (continuous rail section);
    • max. 1.5 meters (interrupted rail section);
  • Number of users: max. 2 persons;
  • Track:
    • Marine Grade Alloy (alu 6060T6), anodized;
    • Section lengths: 3 and 6 meters;
  • Bends available for 90°, other bends on request;
  • Various mounting options for mounting on floors, ceilings, walls and roof constructions (sloping and flat roofs).


Approval according to:

European standards: EN 795-D:2012


Order details:

Art. no.: R010.332.009 HONORail® SafeRail

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