CWD9 Auto Belay Device, max. 9 meter (29.5 ft)

The perfect Auto Belay Device for sporty climbing during training sessions of the sports climber, during school trips, birthday parties, teambuilding sessions or other climbing activities for groups.

Climbing wall device type CWD9 with a maximum descent height of 9 meters (29.5 ft). After reaching the top of the route, in the event of a fall, the climber is caught smoothly and descended automatically. The perfect Auto Belay for recreational and sport climbing.

STAR-belay devices, patented & Good Industrial Design
(Dutch Design Week)

The Auto Belay devices developed and manufactured in the Netherlands by HONOR AdventureTech set a new standard in sports and recreational climbing. HONOR AdventureTech is a separate private company and has been spun off from HONOR Safety & Consultancy.

Characteristics CWD9 Auto Belay Device

  • STAR-series® patented and modular design;
  • Only Auto Belay in the World with kernmantel lifeline;
  • Low inspection and examination costs;
  • Fall protection and automatic descender device in one;
  • Integrated descent module allows the climber to descend automatically in a controlled manner;
  • Reduces fall arrest force to an absolute minimum;
  • Up to 9 meters (29.5 ft) descent height;
  • Self retracting lifeline;
  • Maximum climber weight: 150 kilos (331 lbs).


The abbreviation CWD stands for “climbing wall descender” (Auto Belay). Self retractable fall arrest and descend devices with its unique sheath core, kernmantel lifeline and non-resettable counter. The devices offer climbers freedom of movement and the certainty that – should a fall occur – the device will intervene immediately, arrest the fall smoothly and descends the climber safely.


CWD9 Auto Belay device, max. 9 meter (29.5 ft)



CWD9 Auto Belay device, max. 9 meter (29.5 ft)

  • Low testing and inspection costs;
  • Descent height: max. 9 m (29.5 ft);
  • Capacity: max. climber weight 150 kg (331 lbs);
  • Lifeline:
    • Kernmantel rope: 9.5 mm – EN 1891 Type A;
    • Static strenght with HoPress® eyelet >22 kN;
    • Self retracting;
  • Modular descent brake,
    • Automatic;
    • Descent speed approx. 1.0 m/s (max. 2.0 m/s according to EN 341);
    • Always activated descent brake, no free fall distance;
    • Very low fall arrest forces onto body;
  • Integrated length or distance of use counter, non-resettable (inspections);
  • Applied materials:
    • Housing & modules: lightweight, Marine-Grade alloys – powder coated;
    • Internal components: stainless steel, Marine-Grade alloys;
  • Operating Temperature:
    • min. -10 ºC – max. 55 ºC
    • min. 14° F – max. 131° F
  • Device Weight: 16.0 kg (35.3 lbs);
  • Mounts:
    • Handle Mount (2x handle & 1x connecting eye);
    • Top-Eye (swivable);
  • STAR-series® industrial design



European patent number: 002503698-001
USA patent number: 23-0825-0576900



European standards: EN 360:2002, EN 341:2011/1A
US standard: ANSI / ASSE Z359.4-2007 pending;


Order data: R013.015.100 – CWD9 (Handle Mount) R013.015.000 – CWD9 (Top-Eye)


EU-Type Certificate PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

CWD9, CWD16 and CWD20 SPEED auto belay according to EN 341:2011 and EN 360: 2002


EN 341 10x type A

HONOR in-house test certificate according to additional requirement RFU PPE-R/11,128, being 10x descent energy EN 341:2011.

October 27, 2020. Due to COVID-19, the additional NoBo tests have not yet been able to take place and the CWD-type devices have been tested internally – with positive results. The CWD-type devices will be tested by the NoBo as soon as possible as soon as the COVID-19 situation allows.

Certificat-ISO-HONOR-manufacturing process-PBM-Regulation-EU-2016-425-Module-C2-01-724x1024


CWD9 Auto Belay Device, max. 9 meter (29.5 ft)

Auto Belay – Unboxing – CWD (Climbing Wall Descender)

Auto Belay – Funclimbing – CWD (Climbing Wall Descender)

Auto Belay – Speedclimbing – CWD (Climbing Wall Descender)

HONOR Auto Belay – Tim and Tom Coronel in action!


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