Fall arrest blocks

HONOR developed and manufactured in Almere a wide range of STAR-series fall arrest blocks which offer it’s users optimal safety and ease of use. Due to the considerably shorter drop distances and smaller drop forces compared to European standard requirements (max. 2 meters and 6 kN), the STAR-series devices are the ideal device for working at height. Our devices are available in many types and sizes.

All STAR-series devices are called Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs). The cable rolls in and out of the device while retaining tension on the cable. As a result, the braking system responds very quickly and a possible fall is arrested very quickly. At the same time, the STAR-series devices ensure the user the highest freedom of movement. For the STAR-series, only high-grade corrosion-resistant, stainless steel, and (marine grade) aluminum parts are used.

In addition to the “standard” devices, there are also fall arrest devices with integrated rescue or automatic descending function to solve any problem situation!


STAR series fall arrest blocks = “good industrial design”

HONOR STAR-series devices have received the recognition “Good industrial design” in 2015 at the “Dutch Design Week”. This is the largest design event in Northern Europe the price was granted on behalf of the three Industrial Design universities in the Netherlands. STAR-series are designed modularly, each device fits on/in one or more HONOR anchor points.

Safety: a vital investment!