MaxiBloc fall arrest block max 4 meter (13.2 ft)

Very small, light fall arresters with a freedom of movement up to 4 meters (13.2 ft).


The housing of the MaxiBloc fall arrest block  is made of PC ABS plastic and fits in the palm of your hand. The device is equipped with (four) 4 meters (13.2 ft) of Dyneema® webbing lifeline, with high cut resistance. The lifeline rolls out and in with the movements of the user. The devices are perfectly suitable as a fall arrest device for situations where little freedom of movement is not a problem. If more freedom of movement is required to carry out the work properly, it may be better to opt for a STAR series fall arrest device.

Features MaxiBloc fall arrest block

  • Low weight;
  • Lifeline length: 4 meters (13.2 ft) Dyneema®;
  • Freedom of movement: up to 4 meters (13.2 ft);
  • Lifeline fall absorber: integrated into the strap above snap hook;
  • Optionally available: Duo connector for connecting two; MicroBloc’s to a double safety rope.

European Standard

  • The MaxiBloc is approved in accordance with European Standard 360

Technical specifications



  • Fall arrest block max 4 meter (13.2 ft);
  • Automatic roll-in and roll-out lifeline;
  • Lifeline length: 4.0 meters (13.2 ft);
  • Lightweight device:
    MaxiBloc MS51: 1,3 kg (2.9 lbs)
    MaxiBl0c MH-90: 1,4 kg (3.1 lbs)
  • Maximum mass 150 kg (331 lbs);
  • Lifeline fall absorber: integrated into the strap above snap hook.


Approval conform
European Standard: EN 360:2002


Order data

Art. no: R010.215.160 – MaxiBloc MS-51

Art. no: R010.215.161 – MaxiBloc MH-90


Product quotation


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