Load arrestors

Fall arresters or load arrestors are designed to protect the accidental fall of heavy objects. Think, for example, of robot arms, packaging machines, raw materials, assembly tools, elevators, etc. The braking system of the load arrestor comes into effect very quickly the moment the load breaks free.

Load arrestors prevents

Due to the cable rolling in and out of the load arrestor, it is tensioned continuously and a prevents the pendulum movement during the moment the load breaks. HONOR load arrestors are available with different cable lengths and available for loads up to 500 kg (1.102 lbs).


STAR-series recognized as Good Industrial Design by a jury of experts

The STAR-series devices, developed by HONOR Safety & Consultancy and produced in Almere, received the Good Industrial Design recognition on behalf of the three Industrial Design Universities in the Netherlands in 2015 during the Dutch Design Week (largest design event in Northern Europe). A Good Industrial Design recognition is not a prize but a quality mark as recognition for good craftsmanship. Products that receive an award meet professional design standards: the product does what it is intended to do (technical functionality); is easy to use and safe (ergonomics); it is different from other products (originality); it looks good (design) and meets environmental requirements (respect). A product that meets these requirements is eligible for recognition.


All STAR-series devices are modular and can be combined on their own with other HONOR Safety & Consultancy safety equipment (fall protection systems and anchor points).

Safety: a vital investment!