LAD33/200 Load arrestor with automatic descent function, max 33 meter (108 ft) – 200 kg (440 lbs)

The HONOR Safety & Consultancy LAD33/200 fall arrester is specially designed to allow moving objects (for example robots for cleaning and inspection) to descend in a controlled manner in the event of a fall. This automatically operating device offers a maximum descent height of 33 meters for loads up to 200 kg.

Special fall-load protector designed to protect the accidental fall of a robot during cleaning of tank walls, ship holds and the like and inspections (X-ray examination, etc.).

Automatic descent brakes (no free fall)

This load arrest descender is equipped with two automatic descent brakes (no free fall) so that the robot descends in a controlled manner after releasing from the wall and can then be placed again against the wall so that the cleaning work can be continued immediately.

Features LAD33/200 fall arrester

  • Arrests the accidental fall of heavy, moving objects;
  • Let the fallen object descend in a controlled manner, after which the work can be continued immediately;
  • Two modular, automatic descent brakes (always activated);
  • Automatically retracting cable.

STAR Series

HONOR Safety & Consultancy offers a complete range of 22 different devices for fall protection, rescue, descend, evacuation, passenger winches, climbing wall devices and fall load protection under the brand name STAR series. These devices, developed by HONOR Safety & Consultancy in the Netherlands, are produced in Almere and set a new standard in the field of safety.


LAD33/200 Load arrestor with automatic descent function


Technical specifications


LAD33/200 Load arrestor with automatic descent function

  • Lower costs;
  • Modular, automatic descent brakes (always activated);
    • Two independent descent brakes;
    • Descent speed < 2 m/s;
  • Automatically retracting cable;
  • Applied materials:
    • Body & Modules: lightweight, rugged alloy – powder coated;
    • Internal Parts: Stainless Steel & Corrosion Resistant Alloys;
  • Cable: 5mm galvanized;
  • Cable end fixing eye;
  • Cable length: max. 33 m;
  • Permissible mass: max. 200 kg;
  • Operating temperature: min. -40 C, max. 55 ºC;
  • Weight 17.2 kg;
  • STAR Series Industrial Design.



HONOR General product requirements (ISO-9001)



European Patent No.: 002503698-001
USA Patent No.: 23-0825-0576900


Order data

Art. no.: R010.033.900 (LAD33/200)


LAD33/200 Load arrestor with automatic descent function


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