Safety harnesses

A safety harness or harness belt combined with a lifeline and an anchor point are the three basic elements of personal fall protection.

The choice for a harness

The choice for a harness depends largely on the type of height work you are doing. However, your body shape and personal preferences also play a major role in the definitive choice of a harness. HONOR, therefore, manufactures various harnesses that are each suitable for specific activities. Since the beginning of 1990 we have conducted extensive research into the behavior of harnesses.

Collaboration Edelrid

In addition, we work closely with Edelrid to present you an even more complete offer. This German soft-good manufacturer is a greatness in mountain sports and industry. Edelrid has designed some award-winning and ergonomically exceptional well-designed harnesses. The Edelrid harnesses are characterized by various smart innovations and are very lightweight and comfortable in use.


Safety harness diverts fall arrest force to right body parts

As a rule, you should never risk using a positioning belt alone. The forces released by a fall should be distributed evenly across the body to prevent serious injury.



To further enhance the comfort and safety, a large portion of the HONOR and Edelrid harnesses can be expanded with accessories that further enhance ease of use. In addition, consider adding extra padding for additional wearing comfort, attach a “Bootsmenstool” (during hanging work) or professional rescue steps against suspension trauma.



The HONOR RescueStep prevents “Hang Trauma” and allows the user to stand in his armor belt to keep blood circulation going. The RescueStep can be combined with any brand and type of safety harness. It is easy to activate after a drop and adjustable for each body length.


Back/shoulder padding

The HONOR safety harnesses can optionally be fitted with an extra back/shoulder padding, which can further enhance wearing comfort. The padding is attached to the harness by Velcro.


Life jackets

Honor safety harnesses can be combined with various models of Secumar life jackets. The life jacket is attached to the harness by Velcro so that both (vest and harness) can be attracted as a whole.

Safety: a vital investment!