Safety harnesses

A safety harness, full-body harness or harness belt, together with a connector and anchor point, is one of the three basic elements of personal fall protection.

The choice for a harness

The choice of harness largely depends on the type of work you perform at height. However, physique and personal preferences in terms of ease of use also play a major role in the final harness choice. Since the beginning of 1990, HONOR Safety & Consultancy has been conducting extensive research into the behavior of harnesses during falls. Since then we have developed and produced various harnesses specifically for certain activities. As of 2020, HONOR Safety & Consultancy (as a developer and manufacturer of hardware) has ended the production of its own harnesses (softgoods) and we supply Edelrid safety harnesses.

Collaboration Edelrid

HONOR Safety & Consultancy has been working closely with Edelrid since 1972. As the inventor of, for example, kernmantel lines, this German soft-good manufacturer is a celebrity in mountaineering and industry. Edelrid has developed safety harnesses with the Technische Universität München that have received ergonomic awards. The Edelrid harnesses are characterized by various smart innovations, are very light in weight, comfortable and very user-friendly.


Correct derivation of fall forces at the right place on the body

As a rule of thumb, in the event of a possible fall hazard, you should only use a safety harness that does its job properly. This is not always guaranteed in practice. The forces that are released during a fall must be diverted to the only correct place on the body to prevent (serious) injury. HONOR Safety & Consultancy is happy to advise you on this and this is guaranteed by the Edelrid safety harnesses.


Accessories safety harnesses

The Edelrid harnesses can be expanded with accessories that further enhance ease of use. The RescueStep against suspension trauma allows the user to bring themselves to safety after a fall. The “Boatsman chair” (Air Lounge) is mandatory, but also provides extra wearing comfort during hanging rope access work. During work above water, the harnesses can be fitted with a life jacket.



The HONOR RescueStep prevents ‘hang trauma’ and offers the user the opportunity to stand in his harness belt and thus keep the blood circulation going. The RescueStep can be combined with any brand and type of safety harness, is easy to activate after a fall and adjustable for any body size.


Life jackets

Edelrid safety harnesses can be combined with various models of Secumar life jackets. The life jacket is attached to the harness by means of Velcro so that both resources (harness with vest) can be put on as one.

Safety: a vital investment!