HONORail-8800 system

Vertical permanently installed fall protection rail system, is often used in cage ladders.



The HONORail-8800 system offers many advantages over vertical cable systems: significantly shorter dropping distance and lower falling force on the body. In fact no wear and tear, considerably lower total costs of ownership. Vertical and inclined rail profile through which a trolley moves with the user during climbing and lowering. The trolley is mounted on the top or bottom in a rail profile. When a user falls down, the trolley immediately intervenes and arrests the fall within a few centimeters.


Features HONORail-8800 system

  • Permanently installed rail system
  • Vertical and inclined rail profile
  • Locable & removable Trolley (with integrated tire damper and carabiner) per user
  • Trolley automatically moves with user movements
  • Trolley arrests the fall within a few centimeters;
  • Unlimited system lengths
  • In accordance with European Standard EN 353-1: 2014
  • All components (except Trolley) without moving parts and therefore maintenance and malfunction
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Tested against dirt, oil, heat, low temperatures, corrosion resistance
  • Curves possible
  • Versions: galvanized steel, stainless steel
    Installation on: (cage) ladders, windmills, production platforms, vent stacks, stairs storage tanks with floating roofs, etc.



For entry where the manhole is at ground level, a removable rail extension is also possible which can be placed on the upper rail section. For ladders for roof and platform access, the rail can protrude above the ladder for a safe exit.

Technical specifications


permanent fall protection railsystem.


The HONORail-8800 system is approved according European Standard EN-353-1:2014 & passed additional tests in accordance within the HSE alert by TÜV NEL (East Kilbride – UK) in November 2007!


  • Fall protection in vertical and sloping surfaces;
  • Permanently installed rail system;
  • Material qualities: galvanized steel (EN 1461) or stainless steel (“marine grade” 316 S-31);
  • Rail section length: 3 meters (shortened to size);
  • Material qualities:
    • Trolley: anodised aluminum
    • Trolley Lowering Arm: powder coated steel
    • Trolley-sliding surfaces (interchangeable): plastic
  • Vertical fall protection;
  • Permanently installed rail system;
    The system is available in galvanized steel (EN 1461) or stainless steel (marine grade 316 S-31);
  • The rail is available in lengths of 3 meters (9.8 feet) and can be applied to (virtually) any object;
  • The trolley is manufactured from anodised aluminum, the sliding surfaces and the lowering layer of powder-coated steel.


Approval in conformity (CE-0320)

EC-Directives 89/686/EEC
European standards: EN 353-1:2014
TÜV NEL (UK) HSE alert (nov 2007!)



Order data

Art. no.: R010.801.001 (HONORail-8800 Galvanized)

Art. no..: R010.801.101 (HONORail-8800 SS 316)

Product quotation


    Safety: a vital investment!