TwinSleeve® Davit mobile and fixed anchor point

Can be used as a mobile and fixed anchor point rotatable anchor point.


The HONOR Davit is a lightweight aluminum anchor point. The mobile anchor point is rotatable, making it easy to hoist a person over a manhole and then to hoist it above. The system is easy to install and available with different bases. Depending on the chassis, the system can be used as a mobile or fixed anchor point.

Features TwinSleeve® Davit mobile-and-fixed anchor point

  • In accordance with EN 795, class B;
  • Lightweight, aluminum mobile anchor point;
  • Rotating system;
  • Specifically for placement above wells, tanks, etc;
  • Fall arrest device and rescue winch can be attached directly to the anchor point;
  • Height adjustable: max. 8.2 ft – 2.5 meter;
  • Capacity: max. 1 persons (150 kgs – 331 lbs);

Technical specifications

TwinSleeve® Davit

  • Setting:
    – Height, adjustable: 1,950 – 2,500 mm (6.4 – 8.2 ft)
    – Reach (boom length): 620 – 900 mm (24.4 – 35.4”)
  • Attachments:
    – Devices:
    – On Mast at operator-side
    – On Boom-Top
  • Structure:
    Mast: single piece
    – Boom: two piece, length adjustable
    – Boom-Sleeve & Device-Sleeve: height adjustable
    – Swivable through full 360º (mast with boom)
    – Two cable guides (over the mast-top and boom-top)
  • Materials:
    – Mast & Boom: aluminum (powder coated)
    – Bases: aluminum & steel (powder coated)
  • Modular brackets for attaching fall arrest devices, recovery blocks, rescue & evacuation devices, man riding winches, Winches directly to davit mast
  • Capacity: max. 1 person (max. 150 kg – 331 lbs)
  • Weight (excl. base): 22 kg (48.5 lbs)
  • Particularly low examination & inspection costs

Approval according to:

European standards: EN 795:2012 Class-B – pending
US-Standard: Z359.14-2012-A – pending


  • Intermediate brace. Device brackets, TwinSleeve® Davit, Blue
  • Floor adapter TwinSleeve Davit Mast, surface mounted, galvanized.
  • Floor adapter TwinSleeve Davit Mast, superstructure, stainless steel
  • TwinSleeve Spider®, chassis TwinSleeve Davit
  • TwinSleeve Connect®, Towbar Mount TwinSleeve Davit
  • TwinSleeve Connect, Towbar / Frame module, TwinSleeve Davit
  • TwinSleeve Counterweight®, chassis with counterweights
  • TwinSleeve Clamp®, frame clampable on (dam) walls, walls, etc.
  • STAR-series® devices

Order data

Art. no: R010.235.100 TwinSleeve Davit,
Art. no: R010.235.105 Intermediate bracket attachment, device brackets (Blue)
Art. no: R010.235.110 Floor (Flush) Mount Adapter (galv.) TwinSleeve Davit Mast
Art. no: R010.235.111 Floor (Flush) Mount Adapter (SS) TwinSleeve Davit Mast
Art. no: R010.235.115 Wall (Top) Mount Adapter(galv.) TwinSleeve Davit Mast
Art. no: R010.235.116 Wall (Top) Mount Adapter(SS) TwinSleeve Davit Mast
Art. no: R010.235.120 TwinSleeve Spider, Base Mount
Art. no: R010.235.130 TwinSleeve HitchConnectTow-bar Base Mount
Art. no: R010.235.140 TwinSleeve Counterweight® Base Mount
Art. no: R010.235.145 TwinSleeve Clamp Base Mount

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