Mobile Anchor for horizontal manholes (ANSI & API 20” & 24” flanges)


Safe entry and rescue from confined spaces, especially if it concerns horizontal manholes, is not a sinicure! Particularly complicating because of the angular transition from tubelure to vertical wall of the vessel. In addition, horizontal manholes are often located at large (er) height in reactors with only small platforms and the distance from flange to platform railing is low.

FlangeClamp developed with clients

Our clients reported these problems at stops, shut-downs, disruptions in process installations and the like and the lack of a suitable anchor point for these specific situations. Together with them, HONOR has developed the universal Flange Clamp! This rapidly locatable anchor device is provided by means of two bolts on the flange and leave the passage completely free. The modular intermediate bracket with cable guide roller is hooked into the Flange Clamp and secured, after which a device with the required function (fall protection, rescue, downhill, winch) is placed on the blue intermediate bracket and safely enter the confined space.

Features FlangeClamp

  • Temporary anchor point, quick and easy to place;
  • Specifically for horizontal manholes;
  • Number of users: max. 2 people;
  • Small build-up dimensions, with little space available between flange / tank wall (insulation) and flange / platform railing;
  • Standard version: for ANSI & API 20 “and 24” flanges (on request for other flange dimensions);
  • Anchor point for fall protection, VB with integrated rescue winch, descent systems, rescue systems, passenger winch, (air) winches and the like;
  • Ideal i.c.m. HONOR RescueSlide®, enter / rescue rescue slides by facilitating horizontal manholes;
  • Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs).

Technical specifications




  • Standard’ FlangeClamp-version for manholes:
    – diameters: 500 – 600 mm (20” – 24”)
    – ANSI & API standardized
    – FlangeClamps for other manhole diameters & shapes (oval, etc.): to be engineered on customer requests!
  • Attachment: bolted on manhole flange
  • Materials: steel (galvanized & orange powder coated)
  • Modular brackets for fall arrest devices, recovery blocks, rescue & evacuation devices, man riding winches
  • Capacity: max. 1 user
  • Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs)
  • Particularly low examination & inspection costs



  • Intermediate bracket (appliance attachment);
  • Recovery Blocks, SRL’s, Man Riding Winches, Rescue & Evacuation devices can be easily applied on FlangeClamp (also modular with STAR®-series devices, TankClamp®, Tripod and TwinSleeve® davit)!
  • STAR-series® devices: HONOR FlangeClamp is Notified Body approved combined with all relevant devices from the STAR-series® + modular mounting brackets;
  • (air) Winches;

Approval (CE-0158)

European standards: EN 795:2012 Class-B


Order data:

Art.no: R010.210.030 FlangeClamp
Art.no: R010.210.036 Intermediate Bracket (Blue)
Art.no: depending Device Mounting bracket (Orange)


Product quotation


    Safety: a vital investment!