Hanging ladder

The HONOR Hanging Ladder is attached to the RescueSlide to safely enter tanks, reactors and other confined spaces and to be able to save the victim in the event of emergencies.

Use of ladders in reactors and tanks with small diameters is not possible. Rope ladders are unstable means of passage. These problems have been solved with the HONOR Hanging ladder system that is attached to the RescueSlide!

Attaching the suspended ladder to RescueSlide (rescue slide)

Coupled to the shackle attached to the underside of the RescueSlide, a first ladder section (length 1m) is connected. The required multiple sections are then attached and hinged in the confined space. With a line at the last ladder section, the HangLadder system is guided downwards and taken out of the tank after deployment.

Features Hanging ladder

  • Length per ladder section = 1 meter
  • Each ladder section provided with tank wall spacers (plastic)
  • Lateral ladder section assembly by locking pins
  • Aluminum
  • Modular with RescueSlide

Technical specifications


Features Hanging ladder

  • Length per ladder section = 1 meter
  • Load capacity:
    • System length 1 – 20 meters: max. 150 kg / 1 person
    • System length 21 – 30 meters: max. 100 kg / 1 person
  • Aluminum, anodised
  • Weight per ladder section: 5.2 kg


EN 131
Order data

Art. no .: R301.001.001 (Hanging ladder, alu, section length = 1 m)
Art. no .: R301.001.002 (Schamel, alu, hinged RescueSlide-Hangladder connection)
Art. no .: R010.210.200 (RescueSlide)


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Safety: a vital investment!