Rescue and evacuation device MOD450

The ideal device to evacuate multiple persons / rescue from great heights up to 450 meter.

The STAR series Rescue and evacuation device MOD450 is a multi-person descent and rescue device. The aircraft has a lifting and lowering rescue winch and is an ideal tool for descending heights and saving steep slopes.

Features Rescue and evacuation device MOD450

  • Approved in accordance with European standard EN 341, EN 1496 and EN 1808 and machine directive 2006/42 / EC;
  • The device allows the user (s) to descend in a controlled manner up to 450 meters downhill;
  • Also suitable for saving victims from steep slopes;
  • Descent speed 0.6 m / s (100 kg);
  • The unit contains a manual rescue function;
  • Maximum weight 200 kg.


HONOR Safety & Consultancy introduces a complete line of fall protection and life-saving equipment under the name STAR-series. These completely newly developed devices set a new standard in the field of personal safety, fall protection and rescue and evacuation.


Rescue and evacuation device MOD450


Technical specifications


Rescue and evacuation device MOD450

  • Descent speed 0.6 m / s
  • Weight 11.6 kg (excluding line)
  • Max. descent height 450 meters
  • Specific kernmantle line 9,5mm EN 1891 Type A
  • Maximum weight of the load, 240 kg
  • Minimum weight of the load, 60 kg



European patent number: 002503698-001
USA Patent number: 23-0825-0576900



European Standards: EN 341: 2011 / 1A, EN 1496: 2006, EN 1808: 2010-11
Machinery directive: 2006/42 / EC
US Standard: Z359.14-2012-A pending


Order data:

Art. no: R013.400.000 MOD450
Art. no: R060.009.010 Kernmantel rope

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