Liferaft Rescue TIP-BOARD water and ice rescue

The inflatable life raft Rescue TIP-BOARD is a surface-saving agent that significantly improves water and ice rescue! It consists of a quickly deployable combination of the liferaft (Rescue TIP BOARD) and a towing unit (SEABOB RESCUE). During the deployment there is a good view of the victims, especially with waves! By tilting the liferaft, the victim is easily pulled onto the raft, stabilized and sailed to the shore with the SEABOB RESCUE.

Surface rescue on water and ice

The Rescue TIP-BOARD® is a fully inflatable life raft that improves surface damage (water rescue and ice rescue); because it is safer, faster, more effective and more efficient. This can be done while the rescue operation can be carried out without the physical effort of the surface destroyers or divers. The Rescue TIP-BOARD with lifeguards is powered by a separate, electric waterjet, the SEABOB RESCUE.


Water and ice rescue up to 6 times faster!

The advantage of the new method is mainly the speed of the rescue operation. This time saving is vitally important. Moreover, the victim can already be stabilized on the way back on the raft, where in the current situation the victim is first drawn back to the shore by the water. The method is also safer for emergency services and costs much less energy, so that all effort can remain fully focused on saving the victim.
The Rescue TIP BOARD with SEABOB RESCUE also offers the possibility to carry out quick rescue in the water and on ice in those areas where no diving team is stationed.


Inflated within 30 seconds

In folded condition (ready in special backpack) the dimensions of the fully inflatable Rescue TIP BOARD are very small and fit on any extinguisher vehicle such as, for example, Tank Car Spout (TS). In case of a calamity, for example, people walk easily through a reed land or between cars to the waterfront and a boat ramp is not necessary! This unique surface rescue product is inflated within 30 seconds and quickly attached to SEABOB RESCUE, which is launched simultaneously. A rescuer takes place on the Rescue TIP BOARD while the second rescuer serves the SEABOB RESCUE and sails at 20 km / h to the water victim.


Comfortable rescue – less effort

Without heavy physical swimming stress, the rescuers are much faster with the drowning person. Although there are several possible deployment procedures, the SEABOB RESCUE, as a ‘pulling’ water vehicle, sails past the victim. A few meters behind it, the rescuer is ready on the liferaft and grabs the drowning man during the sail. Traction is maintained by going straight on at about 4-5 km / h so that the drowning person moves to the rear of the Rescue TIP BOARD. The rescuer on the raft holds the casualty of the water while standing on the special steps, which causes the Rescue TIP BOARD to tip over and stay stable. The rescuer goes through his knees and pulls the drowning man with his back against his chest, stretches his legs (strongest muscles) and falls comfortably backwards on the raft with the drowning man. The drowning person is safe and sails back to shore with top speed!


Awarded reddinssyteem

The highly effective Rescue TIP BOARD, awarded with the Dutch Design Award, has been designed with a completely different view of the problems involved in surface attack. This is to significantly improve the constraints of conventional resources and procedures during these deployments. We succeeded in making optimal use of the current state of the art.



  • Creating a solution for firefighting and rescue services that guarantees a safe and fast Surface Rescue (water & ice) in lakes, during floods, (fast-flowing) rivers and possibly at sea;
  • Safe for victim & savior;
  • Minimal Training;
  • Minimal manipulation of water victim;
  • Fast;
  • Lightweight;
  • Compact dimensions in packaging;
  • Effective;
  • Efficient;
  • Cost saving.


Features Rescue TIP BOARD

  • Fast inflatable, small packed, lightweight and excellent portable liferaft;
  • With a (breathing) air cylinder inflatable within 30 seconds;
  • The raft can tilt (“tip”) so that the victim can be pulled on the raft with minimal effort by a single carer;
  • No boat ramp required;
  • Significant reduction costs for water rescue and ice rescue teams.

Technical specifications


Features Liferaft Rescue-TIP BOARD

  • Dimensions inflated (LxWxH): 270x130x70cm – 106 × 51.2 × 27.6 “
  • Dimensions in backpack (LxWxH): 90x50x40cm – 35.4 × 19.7 × 15.7 “
  • Air volume: 570 liters (3 liters, 200 bar air cylinder required or pumped)
  • Inflating time with air cylinder: 15 – 30 s
  • Weight: 22 kg – 48.5 lbs
  • Buoyancy in fresh water:> 500 kg



Benefits Liferaft Rescue-TIP BOARD

  • Fast water rescue without using a boat thanks to fully inflatable Rescue TIP-BOARD and electric waterjet SEABOB RESCUE;
  • Access to water through every area such as marsh, reed land, etc. (saving time because boat ramps are not);
  • Swimming is no longer necessary, prevents getting tired;
  • Only 2 lifeguards needed;
  • Good view of victims (waves);
  • No long dress procedures divers;
  • No Water Accident Vehicle needed – can also be used on other vehicles (TankautoSpuit);
  • Rescuers faster and with large floating body in victim (s) = greater chance of survival;
  • Improved rescue method for water victims;
  • Significantly better working conditions for rescuers compared to ‘standard’ rescue boards;
  • Standardization deployment procedures;
  • Improving survival chances in wetland regions;
  • No (trained) divers are necessary;
  • Cost savings in comparison with dive team costs;
  • Use easy and fast to learn.



Demonstration water rescue fire department



Demonstration ice rescue fire department



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Rescue-TIP-BOARD “Klaas can do everything”: Can Klaas save a drowning man?

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