SEABOB RESCUE – dive rescue and search

The SEABOB RESCUE is an electrically powered waterjet that can be used to sail on the surface of the water and dive to a depth of up to 40 meters! This environmentally friendly, so ‘green’, and compact vessel prevents a social worker from having to swim and gets tired during this rescue effort due to this heavy physical effort. The vessel achieves a speed of approximately 20 km per hour and works on Li-ion batteries. The device can be called compact with a length of 1.15 m and a weight of 34 kg.

Use of SEABOB RESCUE by divers

The use of the SEABOB RESCUE by divers is interesting! Because of this, divers do not have to swim during submersion such as searches for water victims under water. Also, the reduced physical effort consumes less breathing air and you can carry out searches faster and longer! In addition, the SEABOB RESCUE can dive up to 40 meters deep (adjustable maximum dive depth), and can be equipped with lights, film and photo cameras and sonar equipment!

The maximum speed is about 20 km per hour and works on Li-ion batteries. With a length of 1.15 m and a weight of 34 kg to be called compact and therefore fits on almost every push-out vehicle!


Ideal in combination with Rescue TIP BOARD

In combination with the Rescue TIP BOARD, the SEABOB RESCUE is the ideal system for surface disposal.

Features SEABOB Rescue

  • Lightweight, powerful and quickly deployable vessel
  • Stable, fast and very manoeuvrable
  • Can be used anywhere, ditches, canals, lakes, fast-flowing rivers, seawater
  • Also for use at dive rescue and search
  • Speed up to 20 km per hour
  • Weight 34 kg
  • Cruise time 60 min at above average speed per battery charge

Technical specifications


  • Power up to: 5.2 kW (7 HP);
  • Maximum torque: 22 Nm;
  • Maximum thrust: 734 N;
  • Speed on water to: 20 km / h (12.43 mph);
  • Under water speed up to: 14 km / h (8.7 mph);
  • Speed control: 6 power levels (steps) between 0% and 100% via piezo buttons;
  • Energy: 14 Power High-Energy Li-Ion accumulators (without memory effect);
  • Total capacity approx.: 2.1 kW / h; 56 V; 40 Ah;
  • Operating time average: 60 minutes;
  • Charging time (standard charger) approx .: 10-12 hours;
  • Charging time (fast charger) approx .: 110 minutes;
  • ACS (Accumulator Change System): Accumulator system can be changed for continuous use;
  • Dive depth: up to 40 meters (adjustable);
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,296 x 481 x 379 mm;
  • Weight approx .: 34 kg;
  • Buoyancy in (fresh) water ca .: 10 kg



SEABOB RESCUE diving up to 40 meters!


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    Safety: a vital investment!