Rescue Basket Stretcher D90

Rescue Basket Stretcher D90 for saving water victims or drowning people without manipulating the body.

The Rescue Basket Stretcher D90 was specially developed by HONOR for the rescue of (supercooled) water victims.

By sinking the basket under the water surface, a (fire) diver can swim the victim above the basket. Subsequently, the drowning person is brought ashore without manipulating the body. Lifting the Rescue Basket Stretcher D90 out of the water takes place by means of a rescue device or otherwise, while at the same time the water in the basket is drained rapidly through slotted holes. At the same time Rescue Basket Stretcher D90 are used for salvage and thanks to the seamless finish they can be cleaned easily, quickly and easily.


Features Rescue Basket Stretcher D90

  • Victim in horizontal position;
  • Flat bottom so that victim with scoop stretcher can be taken out;
  • Drainage trenches (15x) in the soil to prevent drowning of the victim and overload of the red vehicle;
  • Material: reinforced polyester with steel, support ring entirely in the plastic;
  • Smooth finished handles (10x);
  • Sliding ribs at the bottom for easy moving over ground level;
  • Integrated fixation straps are optionally available
  • Smooth bottom prevents hooks from pulling over the bottom of the tank or ramp area;

Product quotation


    Safety: a vital investment!