Rescue stretcher SLIX

The SLIX rescue stretcher is specially designed to save victims both horizontally and vertically with maximum immobilization.

The rescue stretcher SLIX (rescue stretcher) is specially designed to save victims both horizontally and vertically.

Because the body is completely enclosed, it is also possible to save people vertically from for example enclosed spaces. The color coding of the bands prevents mistakes in the fixation of the victim. Separate lifting spider Mounting eyelets for horizontal and vertical lifting are also color-coded. The whole is delivered in a small size ready-made bag (backpack model).

Maximum immobilization

For extra immobilization of the victim a spinal plank (Spinal Splint) is available which can be fixed in the rescue stretcher SLIX.

  • Victim in both horizontal or vertical position;
  • Flexible, lightweight plastic;
  • Color-coded fixation straps (4 colors);
  • Armpit-fixation bands;
  • Liezen fixation tapes;
  • Color-coded fastening eyes for stretcher-spider spiders (2 colors);
  • Number of handles: 10;
  • Smooth bottom prevents hooks from pulling over the bottom of the tank or ramp area;
  • With Quick-Lock closures available;
  • To be used with a spinal splint for maximum immobilisation;
  • Supplied in ready-to-wear bag (backpack model).



  • Medical devices directive: 93/42 / CEE Class 1


Order data

Art. no.: R050.000.016 SLIX Rescue stretcher

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