SLIX Spinal Splint

The SLIX Swirl board to extra immobilize a victim in the SLIX rescue stretcher For hoisting, back injuries or internal injuries!

To extra immobilize a victim in a SLIX rescue stretcher, the SLIX Swirl board is available.

An important accessory if the victim has to be lifted vertically or back injury or internal organs are damaged! This SLIX Spinal Splint can be fixed in the SLIX rescue stretcher. Rolled up in the SLIX stretcher the whole can be carried in the included bag (backpack model).

Maximum immobilization

For extra immobilization of the victim a spinal plank (Spinal Splint) is available which can be fixed in the rescue stretcher SLIX.

  • Flexible, lightweight plastic;
  • Padded back;
  • Made from flexible, lightweight plastic;
  • Color-coded trunk and hip fixation bands (4 x);
  • Color-coded fixation straps in the groin
  • Head cap with head / neck immobilization bands;
  • To be attached in SLIX Rescue Stretcher;
  • With Quick-Lock closures available;
  • Fits in ready-to-wear bag (backpack model).



  • Medical devices directive: 93/42 / CEE Class 11


Order data

Art. no .: R050.000.018 SLIX spinal splint

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