MRW33 man riding winch max 33 meter

The HONOR MRW33 man riding winch allows users to descend or hoist in a controlled manner. Essential for temporary work at heights up to 33 meters (108 ft).


The HONOR MRW33 man riding winch max 33 meter (108 ft) is made entirely of high-quality, corrosion-resistant parts. With the MRW33 manriding winch, the operator, for example a manhole guard, allows a user to descend and / or lift them in a controlled way on height differences. The device is therefore equipped with a winch function. By simply, but consciously, turning the knob, the winch is activated or deactivated. In the deactivated state, the user can walk the cable freely out of the appliance housing. This passenger winch also has a back-up fall brake.

Features MRW33 man riding winch

  • STAR-series patented and modular appliance design;
  • Descending and hoisting of people, no burdens;
  • Integrated, manual winch function (hoisting and descending). A deliberately hand-operated winch function so that during a calamity one is independent of another source of energy than of a helper !;
  • Up to 33 meters (108 ft) of cable length;
  • Maximum mass (weight users + tools, etc.) load = 150 kg (331 lbs);
  • Required winch force: approx. 10 daN at 150 kg (331 lbs);
  • Automatic exit and rolling lifeline (deactivated winch);
  • Integrated back-up fall brake, reduces braking distance (obstacles!) And fall force to an absolute minimum;
  • In accordance with European Standard EN 1808 and Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
  • Modular with all HONOR anchor points such as: HONORope® systems, tripod, TwinSleeve® davit, FlangeClamp® and TankClamp®;

STAR series devices, patented and recognized design

HONOR Safety & Consultancy offers a complete range of 17 different devices for winching of persons, fall protection, rescue, descending, evacuation, climbing wall equipment and fall-proof protection under the brand name STAR-series.
These in-house developed devices set a new standard in the field of personal safety. MRW is the abbreviation for ‘Man Riding Winch’; a device whose lifeline automatically rolls in and out with the movements of the user, unless the winch is activated. The device offers, in addition to the descending and lifting functions, optimal freedom of movement. A back-up fall brake provides the certainty that, if a fall occurs, the device intervenes immediately, arrests the fall and stops the user within a very short distance.


MRW33 man riding winch max 33 meter

Technical specifications


MRW33 man riding winch max 33 meter (108 ft)

  • Modular rescue winch (hoisting & descending) integrated, only low hoisting force required;
  • Modular fast-response fall brake;
  • Minimum dropping distance (braking distance);
  • Very low occurring fall forces;
  • Applied materials:
    Appliance house & modules: Lightweight, robust aluminum –
    powder coated (orange)
    Internal components: stainless steel & corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Cable: 5 mm galvanized;
  • Cable length: max. 33 meter (108 ft);
  • Permitted mass, max.: 150 kg (331 lbs);
  • Operating temperature: min. -40°C/F, max. 55°C – 130°F;
  • Weight: 19,5 kg; (43 lbs);
  • Ergonomically designed handle (optional);
  • STAR-series® industrial design.


European patent number: 002503698-001
USA Patent number: 23-0825-0576900



  • Carabiner;
  • Swiveleye connection;



Standards: EN 1808: 2010-11
Machinery directive: 2006/42 / EC
US-Standard: ANSI / ASSE, Z359.14-2012-A pending


Order data:

Art. no.: R010.033.100 – MRW33 (Galvanized steel cable)


Safe entry to confined spaces with HONOR MRW (man riding winch)

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